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Colorway: Gray

Ever get fixated on a color and you find yourself buying and/or gravitating toward things in it? Gray is my color of the moment. I purchased the most comfortable joggers (latest, hip term for slim-leg sweatpants – I am so fancy now) from Pac Sun and now everything gray catches my eye. I also purchased the gel pen below. I love it’s futuristic look and feel and writes very smooth. I bought it here. Check out a few other things I am loving in shades of gray.

Gray_roundupjoggers / scarf / pen / ginko art print / earrings / rain boots / cement tray


Designer Vaca in Palm Springs

designervacaRecently I attended Designer Vaca in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel. Designer Vaca is the brainchild of two designers Alyssa Yuhas and Promise Tangeman – two women who desired a mini vacation with other like-minded women to build their community and get in some serious pool time. I was drawn to this retreat for not only its close proximity to me being only 2 hours away, but for the appeal of vacationing with other designers in a relaxing and fun environment. Design conferences and networking events can be very overwhelming and fast-paced and this was a refreshing approach to a networking event.

Designer_vaca_AceHotel_ACEAnother perk of going to the retreat close to home was being able to have a fun road trip with my girl, Katrina a fellow tenant in my office building, The Unique Space. We met up with Unique Spacers, Marissa and Laina and fellow surface designer, Sarah.Designer_vaca_AceHotelThe Ace is such a well-designed, hip hotel. It’s comfortable, has great customer service and a pool area that’s open til 2am. This was the perfect spot for a group of designers to converge.Designer_vaca_HischeHaving typographer extraordinaire Jessica Hische there was a HUGE draw. Wed night kicked off the retreat with a yummy mexican dinner and a Q&A with Jessica.  She is known for her down-to earth, tell-it-like-it-is talks. She keeps it real giving us insight on life as a freelancer, working with clients and streamlining your business and productivity. Everyone loved listening to her advice. She has great energy and really loves helping people and sharing her lessons. Here are some of her gems:

1. Not everything you make needs to be or has to be successful.
2. I avoid burnout by doing a lot of things. If you do a lot of one thing you burn out.
3. I have admin day on Mondays.
4. If you do anything too long it becomes a job.
5. Email requests get added to my task list and I make a to do list from the emails.

Ace_AmigoBoothThursday we gathered for roundtable discussions on topics we chose at dinner the night before. Several tables were set up in the clubhouse for us to rotate about and jump into conversations on topics such as “Dry Spells and Cash Flow”, “Residual Income” and “Scheduling and Productivity”Designer_vaca_roundtablesAfter the talks we were set loose to mingle on our own. This was the “Vaca” part of the retreat. The entire day could be spent however you wish. The pool got a lot of love that day. Designer_vaca_AceHotel_poolHearty breakfasts and yummy lunches by the pool from King’s Highway made the stay there even better. Thursday night we were split into two groups at two different restaurants. I attended the dinner at Trio where we played games like “two lies one truth” to break the ice and get the conversation going.Designer_vaca_DinnersI really enjoyed connecting with other designers, talking shop and picking up some useful tips. Meeting Jessica Hische and staying at the Ace for the first time made the retreat even more special. If you are looking for a laid-back designer retreat Designer Vaca is where it is at.Designer_vaca_AceHotel_Jgonzales



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October Wallpaper Download

Can you believe it’s OCTOBER already?! As we are getting ready for cooler weather, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING (can’t wait) and trick or treating, I made this wallpaper for you help usher October in. Download all formats here: 1680 x 1050  / 1280 x 800 ipad / iphone


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Headed to the Desert

designervaca_headedoutThis week I have the pleasure of attending the designer retreat, Designer Vaca. Looking forward to much-needed downtime hanging out at the popular Ace Hotel with some very cool designer-types who have come from near and far to network, learn tips, share stories and get in some post summer pool time. Typographer rockstar Jessica Hische will be there! I am so looking forward to meeting her. Follow me on Instagram as I will be posting from the event! I’ll be back with a recap for sure.

designervaca_hacehotelsource: here and here

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Happy National Coffee Day!

In honor of National Coffee Day I spent a little time sketching today. Unfortunately I didn’t have a coffee in hand but I will make up for that later. :) Happy caffeination everyone!


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