Pattern Play: Kate Spade

PatternPlay_KateSPadeI walked into Kate Spade recently and DIED when I saw this dress that the adorable saleswoman was wearing. I want to purchase everything in this pattern. Kate Spade has a new line inspired by Cuba – tropical, fruity colors, hand drawn palms and city scenes, classic shapes…it’s really good. Check it their “17 days in Havana” series and see the collection here.


Pair it with this cutie!


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Happy Father’s Day

HAPPYFATHERSDAYThis year Father’s Day is a time for me to reflect on the time I had with my Dad, to remember and celebrate his spirit and the fun-loving man he was. Though he isn’t here with us, I feel his presence often and am reminded of him when I catch myself saying something that he would say or see something that would make him smile. I just realized that everyday is Father’s Day for me as he is always near and being honored. Wishing you all a joyous weekend with the ones you love, celebrating the Fathers in your life. Happy Father’s Day!


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Surveying Surtex

We did it – our second annual Surtex. For those who aren’t familiar, Surtex is a leading marketplace for artists to license and sell their work to manufacturers for their products. I have to say that this year was great. My collaborative art group, Art Licensing LA, came to the show with a more relaxed approach (not like our first year when you have nothing to compare it to), upped our game and most importantly had fun.


ArrivalNYCArriving with multiple suitcases (in my case ones I paid extra for because they were over the 50 lb. limit) can be a bit challenging, especially when maneuvering them in and out of taxi’s, escalators and down uneven sidewalks, but it is seriously the way to go though. We hardly ship a thing to ensure we have everything we need with us and won’t have to worry if anything wasn’t shipped in time or lost.

ARTLICLA_Setup_SurtexSetting up is a breeze when you have so many hands on deck and when you keep your booth design simple. We built our own Ikea tables to display our products, assisted one another with banner hanging and jumped in to take on anything that needed to be done (like gather all postcard handouts, assemble press kits, binders etc.). We can set up in just a few hours.

ARTLICLA_Setup2_SurtexThe SHOW
This year I personally think the artists’ booths looked amazing. Everyone was very professional, brought their A game and was ready for some serious deal-making. The caliber of art was without a doubt top knotch. It was fun to walk the aisles and see such inspirational artwork everywhere and visit with fellow artists whom I have gotten to know (and make new friends too!).

I noticed that there was a lot of mixed media artwork, lots of hand drawn icons and patterns, watercolor art and textural work. In the past there is quite a lot of vector work but this year artists really used a lot of different mediums. Typography and hand-lettered work was also prominent. I found that chalkboard art, hand-lettered art and inspirational phrases were popular amongst booth visitors. If you got to walk the Stationery Show you would see that it is indeed a hot trend. Identifiable icons are still the king at Surtex. Animals, characters, snowmen, Christmas trees, foxes, fruits and veggies to name a few were requested. Make sure you bring plenty of holiday options. They buyers always need lots of winter-holiday themed artwork.

We were excited to see recognizable companies and large manufacturers were cruising the aisles. The attendees were from all over the world and represented various product categories. You never know who will stop by.

One extra special thing about the show is being in NYC. Who doesn’t want to be in NYC in the spring? The temperate weather, the hustle bustle of the city and the great food and atmosphere…it makes working a trade show all the more enjoyable. I HEART NY.


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Back in the swing of things…

It’s been awhile but I am back. I will be posting at least two days a week. NY and Surtex was a blast (recap coming soon). I had the pleasure of visiting family and friends in New England afterwards as I did last year. Springtime on the east coast is insanely gorgeous. Here is a photo I took in my hometown (found on my Instagram). I am from a little, seaside town in Connectictut and look forward to the peaceful surroundings after the hustle bustle of the show and the city.

Taking a break from blogging, graphic design and other things helped me focus on getting ready for the show. I find I need that separation from my normal routine to put my energies into the things I need to accomplish. I found myself having the headspace to draw more, explore new approaches to making art and enjoy the process. It’s great to be more present.

While I was away I was featured on the blog “Make it in Design”. Before the show they highlighted different artists exhibiting at the show. It was a pleasant surprise and made me even more excited to be there. Check it out here – you can see peeks of my new work.


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Off to Surtex!

readyforSurtex_JeanettaGonzalesIt’s been a busy month perparing for my show, Surtex, in NY. Surtex is a marketplace where artists can exhibit their art to be licensed with manufacturers for their products. I have made several new pattern and art collections and am really excited for the show – it’s finally here!PrintPattern_Feature_JeanettaGonzalesTo get me even more pumped up I was featured on Print and Pattern blog yesterday in their Surtex flyer roundup (part 4). There you can see samples of my work for the show! Print and Pattern is a leading blog for everything pattern and I am honored to be on there, surronded by such talented artists. Visit the site here to see my feature yesterday and samples of my new work (I am about halfway down). My collaborative art group, Art Licensing LA, is also featured yesterday at the bottom of the page (yay!). We will be in booth 734 & 736. Come visit us if you are at the show! Last year was a blast with these ladies. See my recap here of last year’s in case you missed it.

As usual I will be posting some Instagrams of my stay in NY and the show. Please follow along here. Bye!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all the Moms and Moms-to-be out there a fantastic, loving and cherished Mother’s Day!
Have a great weekend.

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