What I am loving right now!

What-Im-Loving1. GRAPHIC TEES!
Who doesn’t love a graphic statement on a pillow, journal cover, card etc. Why not have them on your body? They make a simple jeans and jacket outfit pop by adding texture and is a great conversation starter!
Modern / Merci Beaucoup / Perfection / La Di Da / Hola

2. OANA BEFORTs Instagram
I am in LOVE with this Romanian artist/designer’s instagram account. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. It is filled with amazing eye candy!


I recently have noticed that I have a lot of artistic restlestless. I have a lot of ideas, are over-stimulated by the inspiration I see daily and feel antsy creatively. I want to paint and draw more to work out the ideas in my head or just doodle and paint for fun. Do you ever feel that way?

I have to admit I have pushed the artist in me aside over the years while I have worked fulltime as a graphic designer. As I have been exploring painting and drawing more in the last two years it appears I have awakened the artist in me which is really exciting. I purchased an art journal I found at my local art supply store and haven’t been able to stop making stream-of-consciousness art. I try to do something daily – even if it’s only for 20 minutes. It’s been a great practice and helping me see an emerging style.

floral_journalpage_jeanetta butterfly_journal_jeanetta



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Free September Desktop Wallpaper!

Happy September!

This year is for sure is going by fast! To celebrate the end of summer I made a free, desktop wallpaper design for your iphone, desktop computer and ipad. Download sizes here: 1680 x 1050 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800 / ipad / iphone



Learn Pattern Design! Take my class!

ACN_IntroSurfaceDesign_ClassStarting next week I am teaching Monday nights at Art Center (South Campus in Pasadena) in their Continuing Studies program. My class, Intro to Surface Design, runs this Fall Semester from 7-10pm. 

In this class you will:

  • learn about collections, color palettes and themes
  • how to follow trends and plan a collection
  • how to make repeat patterns using Illustrator and Photoshop
  • create 6 original collections and digital, product mock-ups 
  • learn fun, digital techniques in surface design
  • hear case studies and gain several valuable resources to help you further your knowledge and inspire your art

I am excited to teach you all about the anatomy of a collection, how to research trends and themes, how to make repeat patterns using Illustrator and Photoshop and learn fun techniques to make your own collections. You will design actual collections for different product categories such as fabric, cellphone cases, gift bags and dinnerware. I will be sharing case studies and lots of valuable resources to help you further your knowledge and inspire your art! Prior knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop is required. Semester starts next week. You can register up until the 12th! (sorry so last minute). Call 626-396-2319 or register online here! Hope to see you in class!


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Happy Labor Day!

Hi Everyone! I am working away on new art pieces and made one for you all this Labor Day. Hope you all have a spectacular, long weekend. Enjoy!

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Inspiration Exploration // 7

Inspriration is everywhere! I recently saw this photo of the incredibly stylish Solange Knowles in Lucky magazine and was inspired to make a geometric print.

Here’s my process:

1. Looking at the fun color palatte, geometric pattern and splash of gold in this Lucky editorial I started sketching several geometric patterns and painted them in the coodinating colors.

inspiration-exploration7_Solangeinspiration-exploration7_painting_Pattern2. After choosing the one I liked and scanning it, I added in gold in Photoshop and cleaned up the design.


3. I put it in repeat and decided it would be great on a clutch. Using the Emilio Pucci silk clutch handbag I added my pattern in three colorways and different scales. Ta-da!




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I am teaching social media again!


Are you a creative type who is new to social media or shy about using it? I will be teaching my 3-hour, 1-day workshop on Social Media for Artists and Designers at Otis College of Art and Design on October 11th. If you missed the last class in February here is what you will learn:

  • the importance of developing your niche and brand identity BEFORE using social media
  • differences between Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  • identify the networks that work best for you and why
  • see examples of how networks are used to give a voice, face and personality to your brand
  • how to set goals and strategies that will help leverage your brand and showcase your work
  • how identifying your audience, creating a posting schedule, using strategic posting techniques and combining networks can work for you
  • the importance of blogging
  • how you can develop engaging, unique content to get the attention of brands and potential clients

I will break down the different networks and show examples on how they are used to promote your work. See Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in action and how combining them with blogging can help give a voice, face and personality to your brand. It is an affordable $35 for the 3-hour seminar. A steal! Go HERE to register. Hope to see you there!

1pm – 4pm

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