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Gifts for the Pattern Lover

I am a big fan of wearing patterns and surrounding myself with pattern. I rounded up a few items that will make any pattern lover (like me) on your gift list happy! 1  / 2  / 3  / 4  / 5  / 6  / 7  / 8

All things GREEN

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the day I want to share some gorgeous inspiration (and some of my work in stores…heehee) I have rounded up that explore the color GREEN. Card / Painting / Chair / Smoothie Cute jumper  Lilly Pulitzer Pattern I partnered with the fabulous company, Primitives by Kathy, and proud to […]

Celebrate Aquarius!

It’s not only the age of Aquarius (que the song) it is also time for Aquarians to be celebrating another trip around the sun. My birthday is coming up and everytime I read my horoscope or Aquarian personality traits I have to laugh cause it is DEAD ON. I am a true aquarian. I love […]

Scandinavian Holiday Door Decor

I am a big fan of scandinavian Christmas decor. I love the neutral color palette (gold, craft paper, cream, white, natural woods etc.), the hand touches in the decor (handmade ornaments and bunting, tree branches in glass jars, natural linens and materials). It has heart, soul and rustic, yultide charm. Here are some images that […]

Colorway: Gray

Ever get fixated on a color and you find yourself buying and/or gravitating toward things in it? Gray is my color of the moment. I purchased the most comfortable joggers (latest, hip term for slim-leg sweatpants – I am so fancy now) from Pac Sun and now everything gray catches my eye. I also purchased the […]

Pattern Play: Kate Spade

I walked into Kate Spade recently and DIED when I saw this dress that the adorable saleswoman was wearing. I want to purchase everything in this pattern. Kate Spade has a new line inspired by Cuba – tropical, fruity colors, hand drawn palms and city scenes, classic shapes…it’s really good. Check it their “17 days […]

Hallmark and Sarah Jessica Parker

I just found out about this. I guess it has been available since January and will be thorought the year. It is a must see! Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker has a line of greeting cards, stationery and gift bags and boxes at Hallmark Stores? I am so glad I know now. This line […]

Pattern Play: Tropical

Tropical is a huge trend! It is everywhere – home decor, clothing for women, men and kids, accessories etc. The upcoming Brazilian Olympics and World Cup have made it a hot hot hot. This trend will not be going anywhere for awhile so keep your eye out for it. This spring and summer you will […]

Feelin’ Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I been feelin’ lucky finding these cute, green accessories… Ring / Pumps / Necklace / Glasses / Purse / Watch