Happy New Year!

2016 is was an EYE OPENER for me!  As I sat on the plane coming home from holiday vacation I saw this amazing skyline. It felt like the right moment to reflect on the year passed and think about my lessons learned – lessons I can use going into 2017 and think are helpful for […]

Change starts with you! Let’s do this!

I found this quote that for me sums up what our responsibility is. “The SECRET to change is to FOCUS all of your ENERGY, NOT on fighting the OLD, but on BUILDING the NEW!” – Socrates After hours of restlessness and worry and finally saying “I’m done” I sought uplifting and inspirational discussions online. I see […]

Part 2: Surtex 2016 Recap

Here I am at Surtex this May! Surtex is a marketplace for artists to sell and license their work to manufacturers and was held on May 15th-17th. Back in 2013 and 2014 I exhibited with the collective, Art Licensing LA, but this year I went out on my own with my own booth. The culture, caliber of clientele, […]

Happy MLK Day!

Today is a day that reminds us to be of service, to make a difference with our lives and to honor how far we have come. Though we haven’t reached the mountain top yet we have progressed and continue to take action to get there. The fight for equality, fairness and peace continues and today we […]


This week was one filled with gratitude, immense love and a huge sense of accomplishment. I experienced a big week where I debuted my column on The Jungalow as well as my Periscope show, Heart 2 Art, with Anne Bollman. Not only am I so grateful, when reflecting back, I realized I also learned so much. […]

Being Thankful

Tis the season to be thankful. I am believer that we should be grateful everyday, not just this one day in November. I am thankful everyday that I make a living using my talents, have wonderful family and friends and lots of love and joy in my life. I am especially thankful for YOU! Thank […]

Let’s talk about Discipline

Discipline? I failed (at first) I recently did a two-part “art and chat” Periscope on the topics of discipline and being hard on yourself. I discussed the importance of working on your craft to not only improve your skills but to create a daily practice and discipline yourself to do it. I am inspired by my friends […]

Pray for Paris

My heart goes out to Paris.

It’s Fall Y’all!

Here’s an illustrated animation for celebrating Fall season!