Good Stuff

DIY Thank You Cards

I recently was in need for some thank you cards and wanted to say an extra special thank you. Making the cards by hand gives it the personal touch that makes it almost like a gift in itself. Take three complimentary paint colors and white (I used acrylic and goauche), gold paint (I used a calligraphy […]

All things GREEN

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the day I want to share some gorgeous inspiration (and some of my work in stores…heehee) I have rounded up that explore the color GREEN. Card / Painting / Chair / Smoothie Cute jumper  Lilly Pulitzer Pattern I partnered with the fabulous company, Primitives by Kathy, and proud to […]

Hallmark and Sarah Jessica Parker

I just found out about this. I guess it has been available since January and will be thorought the year. It is a must see! Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker has a line of greeting cards, stationery and gift bags and boxes at Hallmark Stores? I am so glad I know now. This line […]

Gluten Free Stuffing

I am the odd one out with Celiac Disease in my family and often have to make things if I want to eat them during the holidays. This past Thanksgiving I made gluten free stuffing for myself and would love to share the recipe with you. My disclosure – I am a cook that doesn’t measure […]

Great gift wrapping ideas

I have seen so many clever ideas for gift wrapping on the web recently. Who would’ve thought to use rosemary on a gift tag as a mini wreath, or wrap twigs in twine and wind around the outside of the box. What a great use of everyday items and so fragrant too! Here are a […]

4 Days a Week

Hi everyone. During the holidays, as you know, life can get a bit hectic. I decided to blog 4 days a week now. I will not be posting on Tuesdays. I will see how things go come New Year but it my end up being a permanent thing. I would like to focus on more […]


How amazing is wire artist Rodger Steven’s studio? Check out his adorable dog sculptures sold in Jonathan Adler. Wire sculpture is so fascinating to me. Love how something as simple as wire can take on so many forms. One wire item I have always loved are vintage, wire baskets. Here are some decorative wire items I rounded […]

Lemon-y Goodness

How good is this handlettering piece? This work of art is a collaboration between artist Victoria Bellavia and photographer Vanessa Rees. Get the entire recipe here on Vanessa’s site.

Kip & Co.

How great is this bedding? It is right up my alley. I love a great back story too! This Australian company is the brainchild of three close friends with a vision. Hayley, Kate and Alex are three passionate entrepreuners who run their Australian bedding company Kip & Co. out of their living rooms. Kip & […]