Being Thankful


Tis the season to be thankful. I am believer that we should be grateful everyday, not just this one day in November. I am thankful everyday that I make a living using my talents, have wonderful family and friends and lots of love and joy in my life. I am especially thankful for YOU! Thank you for visiting my site and support me and my work. I wish you all the best this holiday weekend. Eat lots, love lots and laugh lots! xo – J


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Let’s talk about Discipline


Discipline? I failed (at first)
I recently did a two-part “art and chat” Periscope on the topics of discipline and being hard on yourself. I discussed the importance of working on your craft to not only improve your skills but to create a daily practice and discipline yourself to do it. I am inspired by my friends and colleagues who have successfully started a daily practice and are crushing it on their Instagrams with beautiful work to oogle at daily. Their work keeps getting better and better, they are developing a body of work and they are even growing a following! I am so inspired and wanted to give it a shot. Well – I failed at my first attempt. :(

I went on Periscope to start a painting that I could paint in a day or two (a bit terrifying) and decided that painting on a live broadcast would hold me accountable. I told my viewers I was starting a daily practice while I painted and started up the conversation about discipline. I set guidelines for the practice that the painting doesn’t have to be a masterpiece just a fun tool to help me make art daily and develop my skills and style. It can be 30 minutes or more if I have more time that particular day. I decided that I am not a sketchbook person and do not enjoy keeping a daily book. I like the idea of making a small painting, which would be fun for me, AND I could choose to put it in my Etsy store if I loved it. A total win!

What I learned
The painting was supposed to be done in 2 days…well it went into 3 and I kept working and working on it until I realized I lost sight of my original intention. I am very deadline driven, which comes from working in corporate, and I am not as disciplined with my own work as I am with paid work. I tend to get lost in my work and sometimes not cut myself off when things are getting away from their timeline or purpose. I learned:

  • Don’t be so hard on myself. This is a practice that I need to get in a groove with. I can start again (and again if needed). Also if I miss a day it is ok. I am human and making it a burden isn’t the point.
  • I will make the time to paint even if the day isn’t going as planned. I may have to move around some things but I need to prioritize this practice and be disciplined. I don’t think I can do it at the same time each day but will make time, even if it is at the end of the day.
  • Be more focused on my personal work and skill building. Make it a goal to develop discipline in my craft and build it in daily. I tend to let it be the one thing that slides because I am so deadline driven. It can’t anymore – BUT be easy on myself about it…it’s a delicate balance.

So I am trying it again – tomorrow. haha. Today wasn’t so successful thought the day isn’t over yet. I will keep you posted on what happens. I may turn into a 3x’s/week situation to start. At least I am starting, right!

To watch the archived periscope videos of me working on the painting above and discuss “discipline” and being hard on yourself” go here and here . To purchase a print or the original painting available in my Etsy store click here!

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Pray for Paris

My heart goes out to Paris.

Eiffel tower

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My MPIX Greeting Cards

I have the pleasure of working with some fun clients and this one I really enjoy. MPIX is an online greeting card and photo product company. They offer a large assortment of cards designed by leading artists and designers in the licensing industry. I am in amazing company surrounded by influential heavy hitters such as Lisa Congdon, Emily McDowell and 1 Canoe 2.

I created 7 holiday cards filled with handlettered phrases and painted motifs. To find my MPIX holiday cards visit the MPIX site here and find my name on the left side when you scroll down. Click on my name to see them all! Here are a few.

1. Charming Snowfall in Gold or Silver Foilmpix_card_peace_JGonzales

2. Traditional Frillmpix_card1_JGonzales

3. Traditional Florid Adornment (offered in gray or blue)mpix_floral_JGonzales

Purchase all my designs!mpix_cards_jgonzales

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November Desktop Wallpaper

It’s November! Time for stunning fall foliage, snuggly clothes and lots of comfort food! Here is a free desktop wallpaper design I made for you to remind you of all the blessings that fall brings!

1680 x 1050  / 1280 x 800  / ipad / iphone5 / iphone6


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Halloween Printable

tagsIt’s almost Halloween! I love Halloween and to get in the spirit I made you these printable tags!
1. Download HERE and print on card stock
2. Cut out
2. Punch hole at top
3. Tie them with ribbon to use as tags for your goodie bags OR print on sticker paper and use as labels!
4. WATCH the BEHIND the SCENES of the making of these on Periscope. Go here to watch the VIDEO!
Jgonzales_halloween_printable_tagsCheck out the the video to see more. See you on Periscope weekly! Hope you all have a Spooky-Good weekend! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

For personal use only. Do no resell.
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