Gifts for the Pattern Lover


I am a big fan of wearing patterns and surrounding myself with pattern. I rounded up a few items that will make any pattern lover (like me) on your gift list happy!

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Featured on “They Draw and Cook” Today!

carrotCake_illustration_JGonzalesDid you know I am a celiac? I have been gluten free for over 11 years – wayyyy before the whole gluten-free movement began. It’s so much easier to eat gluten-free now than it was years ago. No one understood my condition and food was harder to find. It’s so much better now and living in health-conscious California is a perfect place to locate and indulge in gluten-free dishes and snacks.

I illustrated my favorite cake recipe, a gluten-free carrot cake, that I make a lot for parties and occasions. People never know it is gluten free and I get lots of mmmmm’s and smiles when they eat it! I submitted it to They Draw and Cook and it’s on their site today! Check out my drawing on the site and try the recipe. I’d love to know what you think! (Tip: the best GF flour blend I found is King Arthur).


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“Pattern Play” Part 2 on today!

PatternPlay_WillMorris_Pattern_finalHi friends!

I am so excited to share with you this week’s “Pattern Play” post on the The Jungalow where you will see my process for making this William Morris-inspired pattern. You will get a step by step tutorial from sketch to final! Head on over to see my post and if you missed it check out last week’s intro to the series!


***ALSO: Watch me on Periscope at 1pm PST today where I will show you how the pattern is tiled together in Photoshop!


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gratitude_JGONZALESThis week was one filled with gratitude, immense love and a huge sense of accomplishment. I experienced a big week where I debuted my column on The Jungalow as well as my Periscope show, Heart 2 Art, with Anne Bollman. Not only am I so grateful, when reflecting back, I realized I also learned so much.

  • I was shown the benefits of putting myself out there and manifesting my ideas into reality.
  • I completely understand now more than ever that I can not do it alone. It is incredibly helpful to reach out to others for help and collaborations with your ideas.
  • There are a lot of like-minded people who are interested in hearing what you have to say and would like to receive what you have to offer.

Working with old friends and new friends, hearing from old friends this week and making new friends filled my heart with love and a deep appreciation for their friendships. As I soaked this week in, I jumped on Periscope to tell everyone how I was honored by their support. I had an honest talk with over 100 people (wow) about my gratitude and even ended up giving business and life coaching advice! I am just loving the power of the internet and how it continues to bring people together, gives us the platform to share our talents and inspire others.  – J

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Heart 2 Art on Periscope

heart2art_logoI find it is really important to have like-minded, creative friends in my life. I love having them for the support I get, for feedback on work and to have people in my corner who understand what I do and what I am going through running my own studio. I met Anne Bollman of Anne Was Here through two different circles of industry friends and knew we were meant to meet one day. We realized we were both on Periscope giving tutorials and speaking to similar audiences, so we thought it would be great to team up and connect with our peeps and share information. We got to work on a title of our Scope show and mission statement – “Through shared strategies and creative ideas, let Heart 2 Art help you on your journey to artistic success”. We then selected the perfect topic for our first scope – “Building a Tribe”.


We selected this quote by Sir Ken Robinson and it speaks beautifully about the heart and soul of a tribe. We posted this on our Instagrams to inform others about our mission and upcoming Periscope broadcast and to our surprise had over 200 people attend! It was a total success and people were even asking for a Facebook group during our show. Now we have a Facebook group for our tribe members that is 100 members and growing! We were incredibly happy with our collaboration and the warm welcome we received. We will be on Periscope twice a month with new topics, interviews and discussions. Stay tuned for our next scope announcement. I am so thankful for everyone who embraced us and feel lucky to have such inspiring, creative friends. If you are a working artist and would like to join our community please go to


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Big News! I am a contributor to!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.44.37 AM
Exciting news!!! I am a new, monthly contributor to author/designer/stylist Justina Blakeney’s amazing blog –! I am still pinching myself and so over-the-moon thrilled about this opportunity. I have been a fan of her and her blog for years and really relate to her bohemian style and design. Look at her incredible work. Isn’t it so dreamy!

DIY-Succulent-Tripod-Planter-via-IHOD Black-Eyed-Peas2 DIY-Jewelry-case Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.49.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.50.00 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 2.50.20 AM

I am so incredibly grateful to Justina for this opportunity (xo). We discussed the concept and determined that you will see me not one, two but THREE times a month on the blog authoring a column on pattern design called “Pattern Play”.  Every month I will educate you about pattern style and explain the origins of it and how it is used in home and fashion, then in a second post show you a pattern I design based on the style. The third post we will be offering a fun download for you to enjoy! Sounds good? I think you are all really going to like it.

Please hop over to The Jungalow now to see my first of 3 posts this month on artisan/designer William Morris (love him!). I will be back the following two Mondays in December with part 2 and part 3. I will also be Periscoping the day of the post to give you some behind the scenes goodness. See you later today on Periscope!

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