Happy MLK Day!

Today is a day that reminds us to be of service, to make a difference with our lives and to honor how far we have come. Though we haven’t reached the mountain top yet we have progressed and continue to take action to get there. The fight for equality, fairness and peace continues and today we are reminded through MLK’s poetic words of encouragement: “Only in the darkness can you see the stars” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Going to Altitude Summit and giving a tour!

Alt_summitNext week I will be attending the annual, winter Altitude Summit and will be giving a inspiration shopping tour! I have attended twice in the last three years and this year I am looking forward to going back and diving into the festivities. Alt Summit (as it is affectionately called) is a fabulous conference for bloggers where you can attend informative sessions on the business of blogging, brand building skills, life and career coaching, you can meet with their fabulous sponsors and of course network and hang with the ultra fashionable, amazing attendees. Participate in crafts, parties, and activities to keep your creativity stimulated and inspiring speakers to learn from.  It’s a whirlwind of a conference and always leaves me with so plenty to process and implement when I get home, follow ups and new friends to stay in touch with. I am extremely psyched to see that my girl, Justina, from will be there speaking at the event on finding your creativity and applying it to your work! Looking forward to hearing her talk and attend other educational talks they have scheduled.

inspirationshopping2JOIN MY TOUR!
I teach surface pattern design at and I always have a fun field trip for my class where we head to a shopping district and see design in the wild. Looking at home decor, gifts, vintage textiles and apparel designs cultivates a wealth of inspiration that can trigger creative ideas. These ideas can be used in your work such as in your styling, your artwork and content. It’s perfect for all creatives and especially so if you are a designer, artist, stylist or photographer. I am taking this concept to Alt and on Saturday morning will be leading attendees through shops in the Salt Lake City neighborhood. We will cover:

– see current products in the marketplace in specific product categories
– take photographs of the items, recording visual notes about the items that inspire you
– capture ideas and concepts in the moment to work on later
– learn how to recognize product and color trends
– identify art styles you gravitate toward
– find new brands that license art
– see artist’s work on products

– collect information and purchase items that are meaningful to your work


bohem bohem2decades
We will be attending stores like Bohem to see boho-inspired products and styling, head to vintage clothing stores like Decades to look at vintage apparel for some throwback inspiration on textile designs and vintage styles and head to other retailers to collect more info and finish up at Eva’s Bakery to have a must-deserved, yummy hot drink to discuss our finds.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or email to let me know you are going. I would love to meet you and hear what you would like to learn from this tour. Looking forward to meeting you! Follow me on social media the 20th-23rd to see my photos of Alt as it happens. I will be Periscoping too so watch for announcements!

Photos: Bohem / Decades



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January Desktop Wallpaper

Welcome  to 2016!!! Here’s to new beginnings and a kick-butt year that brings you lots of excitement, joy and success. To start off the new year here is a desktop wallpaper for your laptop and mobile devices. computer / tablet / iphone 5 / iphone6


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Teaching Surface Design at Art Center

Teaching_SurfaceDesignI feel so lucky to be able to teach what I love and share my passion for design. Monday nights this fall I taught “Introduction to Surface Design” at Art Center in Pasadena. It is a part of their “Art Center at Night” program (which is their continuing education program). I have taught there previously in the summer exchange program and really enjoy teaching there. I especially loved this class as the students were very engaged and extremely creative. They had varied artistic backgrounds with very different point of views like a former motion graphics designer with serious watercolor skills to a greeting card designer who draws whimsical illustrations to a gallery assistant with a refined fine art background. They all enrolled to learn more about how to be a surface designer, how to develop a collection, put together a presentation and initiate their design portfolio in their art style. Everyone embraced the lessons and homework and turned in well-thought-out, conceptual work. They did an amazing job and made this girl proud – Boom!

teaching The first week of class I educated the students about the world of surface design and had them write 1-pagers on two designers they researched. They discovered designers such as Rebecca Atwood and Mindinara and each presented their findings to the class. They said it helped them to really understand the profession of surface design and I was so glad to hear that – it’s exactly what I was hoping and it helped to get their engines going. After the research project, we dove into the anatomy of a collection, how to make repeats in Illustrator, how to make moodboards, pick a color palette and start a collection. ArtCenter_classwork5 I rounded the class up and had a field trip to Old Town Pasadena’s shopping district to inspiration shop. We cruised the boutiques and major retailers to identify current trends, see products that inspire them and their work, locate surface designer’s work and find products that license art. We all agreed it was so refreshing to get out of the classroom, hang out together and see design in the wild. Everyone saw items that they cheerfully identified with and inspired them. It was a fun day. Here are a couple photos I took of items that inspired me.TrendShopThe students continued to make several inspiring collections in our 13 weeks together. I loved seeing their progress and getting their feedback per assignment. It was interesting to hear from each student that they had no idea how difficult it was to make a collection. I agree that it isn’t easy at first but you definitely get the hang of it and get hooked! They each had their own challenges but with each project got more and more comfortable. For every project I encouraged them to work in their style whether it was by hand or digital and to reach out to me if they needed assistance. By the end they were all critiquing their earlier designs, revising their work and turning in stunning collections.

For their final project I gave them complete free rein where they were able to design a collection in the theme of their choice. They showed me they were now pros and finished strong. Here are some highlights from our final critique. You can see it in action too! Watch a segment of the critique on my Periscope here!

Isn’t this so imaginative? Any ninja-loving little one would go bananas over this. The mock-ups of the bedding, the paintings and the limited color palette blew me away.ninjakittyHow adorable and conceptual are these illustrations? I can see this developed across several product categories. artcenter_class_nauticalMy student, Winter, challenged herself using 3 colors to make this holiday collection. We knew it was creatively ambitious and boy did she deliver! It came out really lovely.ArtCenter_classwork

Look at this darling collection! I love her hand-drawn, whimsical designs.ArtCenter_classwork3

What an elegant holiday pattern in these unconventional but gorgeous colors. Her watercolor technique slays!ArtCenter_classwork4Spoonflower provided the class with a scholarship that paid for free fabric swatches. They students were so excited to make fabric from their designs! I was too!

Fabric_Classword_artCenterSeeing the students’ progress, their faces light up when they started to understand things and really get excited about their work was so gratifying to me. I urged them to keep designing and will really miss this talented bunch (we are missing Paige in the photo – Hi Paige!).ArtCenter_Students

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My Pattern Play Printables at

PatternPlay5The third post is up on my Pattern Play series at today! I am so excited about this series and sharing my love of pattern design with you. Today you will see how I applied the William Morris-inspired design that I created last week to a product and even included downloadables for you! Hop over to the post here to download the gift tags, tent cards and greeting cards I designed  just in time for the holidays! I think you will love them! – J


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Buy my art prints on

floralfancyEarlier this year I won an Editor’s Pick for the x Domino magazine art challenge. My two pieces are now available for sale on! I was so excited to hear and see my work on the site. The quality of their products is amazing and you can even select the art prints in many different sizes and select from a variety of frames to fit your decor. Find my florals “Floral Fancy” and “Indigo Field” here on Minted!



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