Home is where the heart is…


This was my first Christmas spent in my hometown in many many years. Seeing my parents and old friends was a real treat and the holiday spirit makes it even more special. I grew up in a historic, small town in Connecticut and Christmas has a drastically different feel there than on the West – where we have what I affectionately call “BBQ Christmases”. After this trip I think it is time to reverse the tradition and leave the west coast for a New England, white Christmas from now on.


Warms the heart…

I had a few memorable meals this week with family and friends and captured the moments in Instagram…it allows me to look back at the photos and be transported. It is amazing how food brings us together and comforts us all. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with good food, friends, family and love.

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T’was the season…


This Christmas I received some beautiful gifts and feel so grateful…sigh. I guess people really know me and what I like (or maybe it was the hints I gave…haha). I had been wearing the same silver watch FOREVER and really wanted to have more fun watches to wear. I received and absolutely love the Triva Lomin watch. The watch band matches my skin tone and the pop of pink really stands out. The Anthro gift wrap and Viscid watch were VERY me. These comfy, Urban Outfitter’s striped socks were a home run. I am a sucker for stripes AND it was in my fave color – my brother surprised me with that! My boyfriend’s sister also surprised me with a gorgeous Gretel Home cup I had pinned on my Pinterest! It was so clever of her – I never thought of using someone’s Pinterest board to find potential gifts for them! hint-hint 😉

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On top of the excitement of launching the site, I am also overjoyed to announce my featured artist profile that is out today on Agnes Pierscieniak is a fellow designer and blogger with a passion for color – big, bright, bold color and her blog is just that. From her store and artist studio visits to fun products, she finds color and inspiration everywhere. When I first met Agnes we instantly hit it off and realized we have a common love of vibrant color and pattern. I was delighted to be asked to be featured on her blog and create a downloadable calendar for January as she highlights other Creatives in her “big bright bold community”.
Read my profile here.

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Downloadable Calendar at


Inspired by the cool colors of winter combined with the marigold color of the autumn leaves currently dropping from trees, the January calendar design symbolizes our winter in Southern California.

I just got back from Christmas vacation on the east coast and noticed the tree in my courtyard finally turned colors and the leaves have started to drop. It normally does this around October/November but since we have had such a late and long summer it is finally happening now in December. Having just left cold weather and snow flurries on vacation, it made me realize how other parts of the country are now finally seeing snow and feeling winter and here in Southern California winter can feel and look like autumn on the east coast. It was clear to me that I would use this tree as inspiration for my January calendar design for Go here to read the post and download the calendar. A big “thanks” to Agnes for asking me to collaborate on her blog.

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It has been months in the making and I am so happy to be launching my new blog! I will be sharing all that inspires me, new work and news.

(Feel free to check out my previous blog here for other content.)

The new year means new beginnings and I have exciting goals for 2013. I am looking forward to growing my design and art business and welcoming new career opportunities. This month I will be a first-time attendee of both the Craft and Hobby Show in Anaheim, CA and the Altitude Design Summit Conference for bloggers in Salt Lake City. There will be upcoming posts on both shows and all the good stuff I will take away from them. I will bringing in collaborators in the upcoming months too so you will definitely see some new faces and columns popping up. More than thrilled…here we go!


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