My Amour Vert Textile Design

TextileDesign_amourvertdress_front2I’m leaped out of my chair when I visited Amour Vert’s website and saw my textile design on this gorgeous sundress! I LOVE seeing my designs on garments and this dress silhouette is just so flowy and breezy. Really love how it looks on silk.

textiledesign_amourvertdress_closeupI was directed to design a pattern with an ethnic feel like an Indonesian floral or Indian paisley, densely packed and ornate. I researched patterns in that style, made several sketches and scanned them. I worked in Illustrator and tossed them into an allover pattern. I feel I designed an expressive interpretation of an “ethnic” floral. I was so delighted to see this pattern on a dress – such a good pairing!



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April Desktop Wallpaper

Hello April! It is still raining on and off here in LA (that’s our winter) so I thought this phrase was appropriate for this month’s desktop calendar. Download it for your computer or mobile device! Have a great April!

Download here: 2560 x 14401680 x 1050 ipad / iphone5 / iphone6


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When Designer Brands Collaborate

I love a good collab and especially when some of my favorite brands combine forces and offer affordable and desirable products. Here are two that you shouldn’t miss…

1. Target x Marimekko
Target has a knack for teaming up with popular and fashionable brands like Lilly Pultizer and Mossimo. Well they are doing it again on April 17th and this time it’s Finnish design house: Marimekko! Check out these gorgeously graphic garments and goodies and see the entire line here! I have my eye on a few items and will definitely get in line at my local Target on the 17th.


2. Uniqlo x Liberty of London
Fashion brand, Uniqlo, is known for their collaborations with famous designers, artists and companies like MOMA, Pharell and most recently the popular Christophe Lemaire collab. This month on March 24th they released their latest clothing partnership with lifestyle brand Liberty of London. I am a BIG fan of Liberty of London’s timeless patterns like their English florals. I haven’t had a chance to get to Uniqlo but you better believe I will be there this week. Check out these adorable tees and fun patterns for women, girls and even button downs for the guys! See more on their site here.



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What I’m Loving: Easter Fun

What-Im-LovingSpring is here and Easter is upon us. I have been loving all the happy color palettes and the creative DIY projects for Easter I see on Instagram. I rounded up some fun Easter inspiration to get you in the holiday spirit!


  1. Sarahhearts has a clever Easter egg DIY using temporary tattoos!
  2. Watch this adorable stop motion bunny cookie video by the queen of crafts, Martha Stewart
  3. Meandering Mari always delivers the most colorful eye candy. Watch her decorate eggs in her signature painterly style on Snapchat (@mariorrart).
  4. Mirdinara’s whimsical egg illustrations are so gorgeous and for sale on her Etsy store!
  5. Sugar and Charm’s stunning Easter brunch is packed with recipes and inspiration to bring to your holiday event.
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March Wallpaper


It’s March! It’s almost springtime. I love this time of year. People say LA doesn’t have seasons but I say nah –  that’s not true. I think they are there but subtle. Nothing like the rain and the smell of flowers in the air (well in certain neighborhoods in LA haha). It’s also St. Patrick’s day. To celebrate March’s holiday and floral bloom I made a desktop wallpaper for you! Enjoy!

Download for your device here: 2560 x 14401680 x 1050 ipad / iphone5 / iphone6

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Pattern Play: “Symbols” on

Symbols_painting2Symbols such as logos, emojis and icons on street signs are a big part of our lives and we interact with them every day. I explored the significance of symbols and have a fun DIY project for you over on my column, Pattern Play, at the


It’s a three parter! Part 1 is on the origin, Part 2 I teach you how to make a fun pattern based on the concept of symbols and Part 3 is a fun DIY and product reveal. You can even download the pattern! Love to see what you do with it. Use our hashtag #jungalowpatternplay and post on social media!


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