November Desktop Wallpaper

Happy November! This year is almost over. Crazy! I made this happy floral and leaf pattern to usher in the pre-holiday cheer. Enjoy!

Download for your device here:
2560 x 14401680 x 1050 / tablet / cell



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Interview on

Natalie Williamson of recently interviewed me as a guest on her Folio Focus portfolio challenge. For 10 weeks participants receive a theme to design for and prompts, tools and interviews to help them create the art and stay motivated. It is a fantastic community of surface pattern lovers and the work week to week has been amazing. I especially love seeing how everyone interprets the weekly assignment.

This week Natalie featured my interview. Here I discuss tips on getting out of a creative rut, advice I would give to my younger self and how I find inspiration.

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They Draw and Cook

They Draw and Cook is a fabulous website that features illustrated recipes and food-related illustrations. Every day you will find lots of yummy recipes that have been imagined in the most creative ways. This week you can see my fall-inspired “No Churn Pumpkin Ice Cream” recipe illustration in the top “Pumpkin Party” feature section. I am honored to be in such great company. These illustrations and recipes are look yummy and are making me hungry!pumpkinice_cream_150


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Personal Development talks with Kathy Weller

trust_whatyoudoAs you may know it is really important to me to connect with other artists and encourage them to “follow their bliss”. I love coaching and providing encouragement to artists since I know first hand that being an artist is terribly vulnerable and it brings up a lot of our fears and limiting beliefs. I am an advocate for walking in your path, following your heart and not holding back your inner artist and creative dreams. On the road to living in your purpose there are a lot of speed bumps, detours to Crazy Town and mental gymnastics. It isn’t supposed to be easy but I think that we can all achieve our dreams with 1. perseverance 2. help from others 3. letting go of fear and control. It’s the journey that is more important than the goal. We learn so much about life and ourselves while we are gaining inner strength while working towards our dreams.

I was recently on a call with Artist/Designer, Kathy Weller, talking about these very things. We realized we are going through similar things and having hesitation and fear about moving forward with some new projects and goals. Having another like-minded person to discuss your feelings with and to get support and guidance is so important to your personal development and growth. I needed this call to lift me up and get me out of my head. It was so comforting to speak Kathy and find out I am not alone. We decided while we were on the call that others need to hear this. We were helping one another and we could help others who may be feeling the same so we jumped on Periscope and continued the conversation. I also felt it was important to connect the message to others to help make a difference in their lives as Kathy was doing for me. See two of our latest talks here on Kathy’s You Tube!

1. Vulnerability and Getting out of your Own Way

2. Prioritizing your Passion Projects

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September Desktop Wallpaper

It’s September. Fall is just around the corner but I’m not there yet. Here is a bright and happy floral for this month’s wallpaper as a reminder of the last days of summer.

Download for your device here:
2560 x 14401680 x 1050 / tablet / cell


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Teaching two classes in Los Angeles

It’s Fall and class is in session! I have two upcoming classes in the LA area at local art schools that I’d love to announce.

Social Media Class_20161. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CREATIVES
Are you a creative type who is new to social media or shy about using it? I will be teaching my 1-day workshop on Social Media for Creatives at Otis College of Art and Design on SEPTEMBER 17th. Here is what you will learn:

  • see demos of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Snap Chat
  • learn about video platforms and like Facebook live and Periscope and how video can up your game
  • identify the networks that work best for you and why
  • see examples of how networks are used to give a voice, face and personality to your brand
  • how to set goals and strategies that will help leverage your brand and showcase your work
  • how to identify your audience, use hashtags, strategic posting techniques and combining networks can work for you
  • how you can develop engaging, unique content to get the attention of brands and potential clients

It is an affordable $49 for the 1-day seminar. We will be taking a short break for lunch. Please bring a lunch or snacks with you. REGISTRATION is OPEN! Go HERE to register. Hope to see you there!
10am – 4pm


Like last fall semester I will be returning this Fall at Art Center in Pasadena teaching Intro to Surface Design in their Art Center at Night program. It is a great class for anyone who is a graphic designer, illustrator or artist interested in learning how to build an art collection that can be submitted to manufacturers. Drawing ability and Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop skills are recommended.

• Learn about surface pattern design
• Learn the anatomy of a collection
• Learn how to put your art in repeats using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
• Make several collections in your style
• Create presentations for specific product categories
• Students receive several fabric swatch samples from Spoonflower of their designs
View my blog post on the Fall 2015 class. REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Class starts on September 12th and meets every Monday from 7pm-10pm. Runs 9/12-12/12.
Go to to register or call 626.396.2319. 
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