What I’m Loving: Fashion Illustration



You may know that this week is New York Fashion Week. I love seeing the photos of the runways on social media. I am not a big fashionista but find these shows to be inspirational eye candy, bubbling over with creativity, color palettes, texture and of course celebs galore. In honor of the event, here is a smattering of some fashion illustrations that I am drooling over. (top image: the amazing Cecilia Lungren)


OMG. What technique in this mixed media piece from Lola Donoghue! Her hair looks like cotton candy!jessicaDurrantIllustrator, Jessica Durant, has a way of capturing a mood with her gestural strokes. These ladies look like they are feeling the moment.

Ddownton_illustrationsIndustry vet, David Downton, has an expressionistic style that lights me up. I would love to learn to make marks with paint this intentional and accurate. Look at the loose strokes!kellysmithLoving Kelly Smith’s soft and feminine style. Her rendering work with pencil is very impressive.mMorrison I love love love Meagan Morrison’s use of color and movement. The women in her drawing look like they are sacheting right in front of you.regina_yazdi A beautiful demonstration of watercolor technique. Regina Yazdi is a master at it.StinaperssonOne of my all-time favorite artists, Stina Persson, does wonders with cut paper and watercolor! *Sigh. SO good.Meganhess_illustrationMegan Hess has such a poppy, fun style. Look at this incredible scarf! You can purchase them on her site here!hess_ScarfDid you know that fashion designer, Christian Siriano, sells his artwork on his website? Go here to see his fabulous store!cSiriano

Hope you found these as inspiring as I did! What do you think?


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Getting Loose with Paint


I have some techniques to get my creativity flowing, especially on Monday mornings when I am SLLLUGGGISH. I developed a practice of getting loose with paint and art supplies where I experiment with techiques and just let it flow. I find it really helps me get inspired to do some creative work – even the work I don’t feel like doing. Here is what I did this past Monday…suppliesI gathered a bunch of supplies I thought would be fun to work with: watercolor pencils, soft pastel pencils, gouache, liquid acrylic and ink, different brushes, acrylic paint, large sheets of Canson watercolor paper cut down into small pieces. Taking a sheet of paper I began streaking on acrylic paint, dabbing on liquid arylics and letting them run and bleed.

paintapplication paintdrips painting

I love this rich blue color. I continued to dab, drip and even used these water-soluble wax pastels to draw on the painting.painttechniques Another fave of mine are watercolor pencils. They work so well on top of the paint. You can use them as a pencil or add water to get a watery effect.techniquesI started a new painting and used splatting, dabbling and adding in other media and colors.techniques_green


closeup2 I was so in a zone I made a third! finishedpaintingsSo there you have it. But guess what?…there’s more! Just don’t stop here. You can continue to do a few more things with these paint experiments:

  1. continue to work on them, adding more colors, draw over them or paint over to change them up a bit more
  2. scan them in and create repeat patterns to use to make fabric or other print-on-demand products
  3. scan them and use as backgrounds on your website, social media posts, graphic design projects
  4. scan them, clean up in Photoshop and turn into prints to sell

I turned one of the paintings into this month’s new desktop wallpaper! Go to the post below to download for your computer and mobile devices. Enjoy!


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September Desktop Wallpaper

Hello September! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by! Here is a new desktop wallpaper to start off this new season. Check back TOMORROW for a DIY post on how it was made! Download at the link below and let me know if there’s a format you need that’s not here!

1680 x 1050  / 1280 x 800  / ipad / iphone5 / iphone6


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Bring it!

creativebadassThis should be every creative person’s mantra, right? I heard this statement recently on an online class (thanks Tiffany Han on‘s “The Easy Yes” class) and it made me really think. YES! I should be bringing it – daily! We all have days where we aren’t inspired but why not create that joyful feeling that comes from inspiration no matter what you are doing?  Hearing this statement really made me dig deeper and think about how I can be a “Creative Bad Ass” daily. I made the realization that every morning I am going to wake up and ask, “How can I feel inspired and joyfully creative today?”, then I will be looking for the joy, inspiration and beauty in my day and act on it (if needed). I am going to bring this attitude to my work too! It’s a great reminder. I think we can all do this and it will for sure bring good vibes to your day! Have a great weekend and bring it!


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My designs for sale on!!!

If you saw my shower curtain post on Instagram and asked about purchasing it you are in luck. The online home store Wayfair is selling several items of mine from my licensee, home decor company, One Bella Casa. One Bella Casa produces my art on their products such as pillows, wall art, shower curtains, tote bags and duvet covers and sells on monthly, online flash sales. This Wayfair event is on-going so you can purchase at any time. Below is a peek at some of my items for sale. Go here to see all the products I designed for purchase now! (please note the Eiffel Tower shower curtain image is incorrect on the link. Click on the item to see the correct image)


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New Headshots and Studio Photos

My fabulous friend and photographer, Ilene Squires met with me recently to shoot my new headshots. I am known to change my hair often (sometimes too much) and to keep things current I had some new photos taken for the website and other marketing purposes. We wandered around in Silverlake, CA at sundown to find a great location. We hit the jackpot and found the perfect, woodsy stairwell and neighborhood. As you can see here we had a great time goofing off and chasing the sun. Here are some I like and silly outtakes…

Headshots_hat_Jgonzales2Headshots_hat_Jgonzales  HeadshotsI like these but they crack me up next to one another. The composition of the trees and the upward gaze make me look like I am lost in deep thought and posing for an ad for some feminine product.Headshots_gazing_Jgonzales

We met on a different day and shot in my studio. It was a great reason to clean the place up. I am really happy with how they came out. What do you think?jgonzales_studio1



Check out my new photos on the home page slider, about page and contact page. If you live in LA or NY please consider Ilene for your next photo shoot. I can’t say enough about her and these shots should speak for her talent.

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