My Amour Vert Textile Design

TextileDesign_amourvertdress_front2I’m leaped out of my chair when I visited Amour Vert’s website and saw my textile design on this gorgeous sundress! I LOVE seeing my designs on garments and this dress silhouette is just so flowy and breezy. Really love how it looks on silk.

textiledesign_amourvertdress_closeupI was directed to design a pattern with an ethnic feel like an Indonesian floral or Indian paisley, densely packed and ornate. I researched patterns in that style, made several sketches and scanned them. I worked in Illustrator and tossed them into an allover pattern. I feel I designed an expressive interpretation of an “ethnic” floral. I was so delighted to see this pattern on a dress – such a good pairing!



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