Teaching TWO New Classes: Social Media & Surface Pattern Design

I am teaching TWO classes in September! First up…


1. Social Media for Artists & Designers Workshop
Otis College of Art and Design / Westchester, CA
Saturday, September 12th / 1-5 pm (one day only)
Class info and registration here at

Are you an artist or designer or business owner who is new to social media or shy about using it? In this beginner to intermediate 4 hour class you will learn basic social media and several tips such as:

  • the importance of developing your niche and brand identity BEFORE using social media
  • differences between Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  • identify the networks that work best for you and why
  • set up your networks and see examples of how they are used to give a voice, face and personality to your brand
  • how to set goals and strategies that will help leverage your brand and showcase your work
  • how identifying your audience, creating a posting schedule, using strategic posting techniques and combining networks can work for you
  • the importance of blogging
  • how you can develop engaging, unique content to get the attention of brands and potential clients

I will break down the different networks and show examples on how they are used to promote your work. See Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in action and how combining them with blogging can help give a voice, face and personality to your brand. It is an affordable $35 for the 4-hour seminar. A steal! Go HERE to register. Hope to see you there!


#2. Introduction to Surface Design
Art Center at Night
South Campus
Mondays 7PM-10PM
September 8th – December 12th
Register here (see class description under “Graphic Design”)

Last summer I had the pleasure of teaching a one-week pattern workshop at Art Center and this fall I will be back teaching all semester! In this course you will learn about the many styles and techniques used in creating surface designs as well as be presented with case studies, product categories, themes and other business basics. Hands on projects will include:

  • make mood boards and pattern research
  • concept and design repeat patterns
  • taking patterns into a collection from concept through refinement
  • applying designs to products

An overview of opportunities for surface design will also be discussed. This is an ideal course for professional graphic designers, illustrators and artists, as well as more advanced students studying graphic design, textile design or illustration.

Prerequisites: Basic drawing, color theory, design and computer skills using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, or by permission of an ArtCenter advisor. 

Click here to see class and registration information. Hope to see you there!

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