Scenes in the Studio

Instudio_jeanettagonzalesLately I’ve been spending a lot of quality time in the studio. Here is a peak into a day where I was playing with paint.

I was quite into it from the pile of reference material and sketchpads next to me. It looks like this at least a couple days a week when I am not on the computer.

Instudio7_jeanettagonzalesInstudio3_jeanettagonzalesI also discovered I like to stand more. It is so much more healthy for us to stand when working. I recently raised my computer desk so I can stand more and lowered my drawing table so I can sit comfortably there. It has really changed the way I work. I prefer sitting for part of the day like when I need paint more loose or when I need to do handlettering that requires more elbow room.

Instudio4_jeanettagonzalesInstudio6_jeanettagonzalesInstudio5_jeanettagonzalesBig thanks to Sarah for the studio pics! 

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