Surtex 2013 Recap

It’s already been a few weeks since Surtex 2013 ended and it already feels like a dream. It was months of anticipation and work that lead to a great show filled with new experiences, new friends and potential new clients.

On our Way!

offwegoHere we are at the airport. I haven’t figured out the art of looking great when while travelling. Do you? I prefer to be comfy and wear the bulky items so I don’t have to pack them (like my clunky running shoes, warm coats etc.). I was also lugging a lot of stuff and needed to be in sneakers. I always see women in the airport or on trains who look so well put together…always wondered about that. Hats off to them! I’ll let you know when I figure that out. haha.

intheairVirgin America is the way to travel. Love the stylish planes and flight attendant uniforms designed by Banana Republic. Having your own monitor, plugs for your devices, food to order and TV makes the long flight go by easily.

Booth Set Up 

SurtexHallSaturday morning we arrived at the Javitz Center after getting into town the night before. We immediately went to work. With a simple booth design and 5 pairs of hands we were done in about 2 hours.boothsetup1boothsetup2boothsetup4We had a great corner location and our large booth and bold art made an impact when you walked down the aisle. It was so exciting to see this booth we have been designing for and everything come together.boothsetup3We each designed our own postcards as well as a group card and product concepts for the tables. I displayed iphone cases, a melamine plate, tote bags, fabric samples and cards.boothdetailsNo Expectations

Being my first show, I had no idea what to expect. I think it was a successful show. We had lots of traffic throughout the three days and met with some great companies. I learned that icons are a big hit and woodland animals are still all the rage. It was very interesting to see how your art is reeived and what collections people are interested in. I had 3 collections that were the most popular and can see that I need to do more in those styles and themes. Funny how the work you love the most and think people are going to love too isn’t at all the case. I am sure there is a buyer for it – just haven’t met them yet. I feel I have a better grasp being in the show now and seeing how it all works from prep to post show follow-up. I have walked the show in the past and have wanted to be a part of it for some time now. It is a great feeling to have accomplished it and looking forward to the next one where I can apply my newfound knowledge and experience.

Good Times

NYRainWe didn’t let the rain stop us (it rained all day) and at the end of the first night we attended the happy hour of Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women. We met other exhibitors and chatted it up with Monica herself. It was a really nice gathering and great to unwind after our first day.

The second night we hosted a happy hour at The View, a 360 degree, rotating bar on top of the Mariott Marquis hotel in Times Square. Loved the sunset streaming through the windows and view was spectacular. Our friends, Dari and Dari stopped by from Dari Design Studio. They exhibited down the aisle from us.

theView view_friendsDuring the show I met some talented women exhibitors like art licensing educator and artist, Tara Reed, and the popular Elizabeth Olwen and especially some I have admired for awhile now like Khristian Howell (who was across the aisle from us!) and Jessica Swift. I also reunited with my Alt Summit friends, Carrie and Morgan, from Ampersand Design Studio! A big plus. SO nice to see familiar faces – they are such great ladies!friends_surtexSurtex 2013 was a wonderful experience. I am currently following up on the leads and requests from the show and looking forward to seeing what develops.


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  8.  by  Morgan

    Congrats on completing your first show!!! Isn’t it an accomplishment in itself?! We SO loved seeing you again—we’ve got to keep this up, meeting up at all the fun conferences and trade shows! :)

    •  by  Jeanetta

      Thank you! Yes we will! Best of luck! xoxo

  9.  by  Dariela

    Jeannetta, it was SO nice to meet you in person! Hope to see more of you soon! We’ll keep in touch, cheers to a great Surtex 2013!!

    •  by  Jeanetta

      It was great to finally meet you too! We will see one another soon 😉 Cheers!

    •  by  Taimi

      I have been so berwdleied in the past but now it all makes sense!

  10.  by  Sarah

    Thanks for sharing this recap. Looks like a great experience. The booth is fantastic!

    •  by  Jeanetta

      Hi Sarah! Thanks a lot for reading it and the nice compliment. It was indeed a great experience. Hope all is well!