My First Alt Conference

Alt_summit_conference_rmThis year I attended my first Altitude Summit conference for bloggers in Salt Lake City. I have heard such great things about it and how it is the blogger’s conference to go to for creative types. I met so many talented women and was inspired by their business savvy. I attended workshops on how to earn revenue from your blog, being a contributor, social media 101 and advanced blogging. Watching Stefan Sagmeister speak was a major highlight. The parties on both nights were super fun. I loved seeing everyone’s stylish outfits – especially the “Clue” party where you were to wear a color based on the characters’ names (like Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonal Mustard, Mrs. Peacock etc.). It sure seems like a dream at this point but I am reminded it is real when I see the mound of business cards I have collected and the new people I have connected with through social media. This was a truly memorable experience and I highly recommend going if you are a blogger with dreams of growing your blog into a business.

Alt_Summit_conference_3Alt_Summit_conference_4Photo Sources: Flipbook, Alt’s Flickr, Blurb, Method Smilebooth. Rest by me.


6 Comments on “My First Alt Conference

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  5.  by  britney

    it was so great meeting you! I hope that we stay connected and have the opportunity to collaborate at some point. After coming back from ALT i’ve been feverishly working on my blog/site! Your site is great thought! Love it!

    •  by  Jeanetta

      Britney – it was great to meet you and your friends! You made the event a lot of fun. Love it that you aren’t that far away. Yes – collaborating would be great. Can’t wait to see your blog! Thanks for stopping by!